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The main factor restricting the development of LED High Bay Light in China
2014-10-22 18:04:19

The main factor restricting the development of LED High Bay Light in China

LED high bay lights, LED lighting industry usher in a development opportunities and also found some serious problems hinder the development of the industry sectors exist. At present, China LED energy-saving lamps, LED high bay light industry still faces many difficulties, restricting the sustainable development of the LED industry. Here are the main factors currently restrict LED energy-saving lamps and LED High Bay Light industrial development: 

1 lack of leading enterprises and the leading brand, intense homogeneous competition. At present, LED high bay light industry enterprises generally smaller scale, the lack of leading enterprises. No benchmark brands and businesses, products lack credibility. LED industry urgent need to establish the leading enterprises have developed credible industry standard. 

 2。 price of LED products has been reduced, but compare prices and general lighting is still very expensive。 Attractive to the general public is not enough。 To achieve the popularity of traditional light to be further price adjustments。 

3. Lack of key technology and core patents: an important means of the world's major LED manufacturers of patented technology to gain a competitive advantage, to maintain market share. Domestic LED energy-saving lamps and LED mining lamp patented technology constitute imperfect, upstream patent mastered most of the foreign manufacturers, technology controlled by others, more than 80 percent of high-end chips from abroad or Taiwan, corporate profits can not be extended to the high-end segment; due to lack of principle of patents, LED high bay light blocked by patents, subject to the export. 

 4. Industry standard technology behind the industry: LED mining lamp technology and rapid development of new industries, brought detection technology and standards development and other common problems, the current lack of complete industry product standards, quality varies greatly, greatly dampened the market confidence and enthusiasm . 

These factors are restricting the current LED industry healthy and rapid development of important reasons. Expect to overcome the many negative factors in the joint efforts of corporate government, quickly create green lighting.

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